Cloud Watching

Posted on February 5, 2013
a wide-eyed piglet
gazing – solemnly – at the sky,
ignoring the mire it sits on.

1 thoughts on “Cloud Watching”

18 thoughts on “Cloud Watching

    • 🙂 Not comparing the Girl to the Pig,, But Continuing the Haiku Written by ms. ryzandshine and pointing the similarities of the situation:
      The Pig seeking towards the sky, while covered in dirt.. and the Lotus Flower,, growing in dirt and spreading its scent…

      I left a comment last week on Ms. ryzandshine’s blog,,, and now Copy Pasted the same on my blog to link my readers to my new friend… Hope that explained your query.. 🙂

      • Oh, okay. Are there particular rules for a Haiku? I tried my hand at a Ghazal last week. I do not know if I did it correctly, but it was fun trying. I’ll check out Ms. Ryzandshine’s blog. Thanks 🙂

        • NO Hard n Fast rules,, or can say,, i am not aware of them.. 😛
          Haiku is Japanese word for short poems of 15-17 words and carrying resemblance of two items.. and some thing of that sort..
          Please refer some study material to know the exact,, or else simply enjoy the free flow of poetic expression… 🙂
          Gud luck.. 🙂

              • 🙂 a little…I know saying thank you is not always welcomed so I decided it best to ask beforehand. …that and my friend Abhishek gave me a new word for thank you and for the life of me I cannot remember how to spell it.

                    • Amazingly, God had different intentions for my slumber. I laid there …awake …for entirely too long :-/ It was rather annoying to say the least, but what does one do when God’s intentions differ from our own, abandon all and go with the flow or be stubborn as an Ox and hold strong to impotence? I can tell you, the fear of letting go is quite solidified within me…besides that if I were to let go and go where God is pulling me…all I can say is that it would mean a complete transformation like none other.

  1. Thank you for your visit to my spiritually-centered poetry site out of Texas. I believe your self-defeating type comments are not worthy of your great intelligence as demonstrated in your beautiful poetry. Regardless of where you are at this point in life whatever suffering you may be undergoing….remember this, “This too will pass.” God Loves you and wants the best for you. Blessings in your continued journey.

    • Dear John,
      I looked upon your page to read the discussion between you and Rishabh. Sadly, I could not locate the conversation held between you both. I am confused as to why a Christian would tell a Hindu man he is speaking “self defeating” of himself when humility is supposed to be part of Christian character. I find pride the more crippling defeatism of man, but I am certain being a scholar of Christ, you already know and understand how pride can, has, and will crush man beneath its uglyness.

  2. Totally off the wall in referring to a non-located comment. Seemed the individual was carrying a general chip of sorts. First comment of its type I ever received from a WordPress member in the five years I have been using WordPress. Likely a brand new member unaware of the higher intelligence level of WordPress members in general.

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