Things u don’t even knew!!

I stand far far away,, and have that “far from” view!!!!
I can see, i can feel,,,the things, u don’t even knew!!!!

I can see that smile, that’s fake, not true,,,
That tear,, that u hide,, but just drew!!!

Yes i notice, when u walk, when u breathe, when u sneeze!!
And that smile on your face, and that injury in your knees!!

And those small small things, u don’t have a clue!!
I can see, i can feel,,,the things, u don’t even knew!!!!

Then i move, then i stop!!! Than i draw a line!!!
The smile that i gave,, i was asking “Are u fine”

The answer that u gave,,, i know you were lying!!!
And i knew, i was “others”, and i should stop trying!!!

But the feelings, that i had,,, they were always true!!!
For i am not claiming love,, these words are just few!!!

For love is just a emotion,, And in part, it may be true!!!
But the care, a child’s prayer, a smile, on face of u!!!

To come closer and give you a hug,,
For, i am here , is all, i wanna do…
I can see, i can feel,,,

The things, u don’t even knew!!!!

17 thoughts on “Things u don’t even knew!!

  1. I can so relate this one. I fall in love all the time. Even though I’m married there are so many people to love. Then I hurt myself. You are not dead and numb as you say in your “about”. You feel everything, that’s why you feel dead and numb…..

    • aawww…. i am so whelmed by your kind words…. 🙂 About love even i share the same feelings, there are so many beautiful people around, actually every person is beautiful at there good times,, love is the only abundance which is never going to end.. so much not be afraid in spreading it any day.. 🙂 thanks once again, and keep in touch for you are a beautiful person …

      • I could not help but reading some self doubt as to who you are in your blog….you did not seem pleased with yourself as God’s creation. I wanted you to know I was 47 when I turned myself over to the Lord and His Will. From that point forward, every dream I ever had….came true.

        • Thanks John, being in late 20’s and the wish to put a little humor is what made me write that “About Me”. I am absolutely grateful to god for what all blessings he has given to me. Love for god and his creatures is what keeps me going as well. I really appreciate your going over my profile and sharing your nice words. stay in touch and we have a lot to share… 🙂

  2. I always try to explain to people how wrong they have the idea of soul mate and how it has been completely butchered from it’s original intent in which soul mates are meant to change you not to be your partner ie soul mates make such an impact on you the relationship is too volatile to maintain, but Hollywood has dumbed it down into the happy ending.

  3. Thanks for reading my blog. I chose to read this particular post of yours, and am so glad I did. It is simple, pure, and open. A lot of intuitive spirit comes through this poetry.

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