Coffee Love… :)

Should we order, more coffee or tea?
Okay, come back, so where were we?
Yeah, I just watched you, for past 1 hour,
Over a chit chat, this coffee bar,
Little of privacy, but the oldies’ there,
Wearing glass and passing stare,
We order repeat and tipped him spare…
Talked about nothing, but weather,
Laughed at our boss, together,
Coffee was ordinary, you were better,
Let’s plan for Friday Theater??
Ah, I asked and you had plans,
I was disappointed yet had to be nice,
Thank god, you acted wise,
Yeah, any other day would also do,
All I want is to be with you…
Hmm, what else I pull, to make you laugh,
Even waiters are dressed nicely
And manager is talking wisely…
Hmm, India won by 1 wicket,
Huh, you have no interest in cricket??
Okay, let me talk on market, the current stock
Why this crap phone, is now ringing.
 Please disconnect, its your sister calling,
Tell her, she is eating time, on my date,
I don’t like her, and now I hate.
Okay, come back, so where were we?
Should we order, more coffee or tea?

60 thoughts on “Coffee Love… :)

  1. Exactly like Don wrote: “Coffee was ordinary, you were better,..” – these words for me had the most impact. Simplicity at its best. Sometimes writing one’s loving is just like that. It is good and strong like coffee ought to be.

  2. Thank you for your visit. I like the shadow play in your photo and the verse here. What did we do in a world without cell phones? Perhaps on dates one could request to turn off all electrical devices as one does for plays or air flight…so as not to distract the patrons? 🙂


  3. Interesting to read how a date works from another’s perspective! That inner chat can be very distracting in these sorts of social situations, where there is more on the line than there would be if you were having coffee with a close long-time friend. Great piece.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog today. WordPress randomly led me to this post of yours, and I’m glad it did. It feels very real, and that photo is the perfect illustration for it. I’ve read some of your other posts and find your writing to be dark and rather painfully poignant — but I like it.

  5. Hi! Loved you post…I also write poetry…I wanted to thank you for visiting and liking my blog as well! Much appreciated! I hope you are having an awesome day! Angel Hugs, Barbara.

  6. This captures what happens, does’t it? I appreciate that you stopped by my blog and read “Some days are like that…” Thanks!

  7. I enjoyed reading this. I raise my cup of coffee to you. CHEERS!

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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