Addiction – The final part

Scene 3: Judy has left jade, and he will be a guilty heart, through out his life, for that one night mistake, which he made in the insane overdose of marijuana.  This was the sole reason which pushed Jade back to his bad brat life. He started taking drugs, and virtually lost his senses.
But that one phone call by Stanley’s made a big difference. The rehabilitation people were great guys. Jade is recovering now. He is learning to play guitar, and he thinks that music is one power that could get him his love back. Let’s see, what he has to say:
Continuing “Addiction” With a friction.
Scratching fings.  On copper strings. .
Some musical wings, to make me fly.
Give one more try. .
I am not a looser, to sit back and cry. .
I will raise a tune, to lure you, soon. .
Soon, the picture will end. . It’s the usual trend. .
The climax is drastic. .
But the ultimate outcome,

It got to be fantastic. .

Letter to Judy

Dear Judy,

Among so many mistakes, that I commit,
There is one, which stands tall.
We all had one life Judy,
And I guess, I waste it all
You said, you will never come back.
But I know, your love was true.
My sunk ship, still has some life,
And I believe, I will make it through
The Stanley’s often said,
” Forget Judy and move ahead”
Not all the love stories have happy endings,
Judy, it’s not the last letter that I am sending.
One day, my letters will make you cry…
I will wait for it, and till then, I’ll try…
A year has passed, and autumn are back.
Funny, my life is still off the track,
Among all the drugs, that I inhale
Your addiction was surely the best…
Judy, its time for me to go…
In next letter, I will tell you the rest
with love,
an addict

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