I carry u in me!!


After I finished “Addiction”. .

And yours “Magic of first glance”. .
It just turns my life over. .
No respite, I surrender, to your maneuver
Molded me the way, you wanted it to be. .
I can still feel you. . In your “Absence”
Coz I am carrying you in me. .
My mirror has your reflection. .
My soul is yours, in fractions. .
My roomy say, “I am insane”
“I may have a mirror mirage!!”
But even my shower gives your illusion. .
Why would I lie?
My eyes go shaky. Time is frozen. .
I draw you in pixels. .Often talks in whispers. .
Roll my fingers, softly, on the glass. .
Your lips move, Wanna say something. .
The pixels cramp, broken in boxes. .
Before I blink, you are gone. .
Still I carry you in me. .
How can I be alone?
You know!! When I move on streets!!!
No mob, People just freeze. .
Cupid breeze. . It’s like I am walking on the moon.
My fingers are often twisted. .
Probably holding you by fling. .
Burbling a love song I often sing. .
Enrique’s addiction or Eminem’s crime..
Many have sung it, many a time. .
But now I know!! What they feel. .
Others are so materialistic. .
They believe what they see. .
But I don’t care a bit. .
Coz I am carrying you in me. .
Your thoughts are my possession, Absurd obsession. .
I am forced to leach, into salty sea.
Thought I wasn’t meant to swim. .
Then is it your voice? That’s blowing me through!!
Coz I feel your scent, into water splash. .
Signaling, from the light house. . “On” and “off” in a flash. .
You are a gold fish. .I am an ordinary sailor. .
Distractions around me. . Are the “whale”
I will squeeze my love and safely sail. .
I will get you, alright!! We will meet…
Some people will say, “One boy drowned”
They are material, they will get my body. .
But my soul, it will be free. .
How can I loose you? I carry you in me..
How can I loose you? I carry you in me..
Writer’s note: yet another page from the ghost diaries. Last December, police found a dead body of a young man flowing in makarta beach. After investigation the file was closed as an accident. But some stories in newspaper says, it was the same place where that young boy lost his girlfriend a month back, and since then his mental state wasn’t stable. What u read above was written by same boy, just one day before the accident!!!

14 thoughts on “I carry u in me!!

  1. Hey, thanks for having visited my blog and for sharing the poem, even though the story behind is quite sad…

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