Defining Life…..

Definitions:  What is Love? What you mean by Hate? Are there any Black and White or lot of shades of grey?
Obviously there are many grey shades, but if we try to black and white every thing, Put these terms to the test provided and you will get to understand what i mean to say:


Love: Love for me is to feel good about some body. Not any big words, no big promises, if the presence of someone makes you happy and this petty issues gives you concerns, then admit it or not you are already in love with that person. You want that person to be smiling always, whether that smiles includes or not.


Hate: To not love some one means to hate. Off course not to level that you want to go on and hit that person, but there are some pretty issues which concerns you.


Anxiety , Negative and Depression: “Fear of Failure” is what define all these thoughts. Take it on a scale of 10.


1-5 : Anxiety

6-8: Negativity

9-10: Depression

Anxiety is good, as it prevents you from over confidence. There is a small fear of failure before you start any thing. Just try to keep that fear under the scale of 5. After 5 negative thoughts will start to creep in. Stay far far away from that level of 9 & 10.

Friendship: The purest form of love. it can happen between your pals, boy or girl, your sibling and never mind, your parents can be your best friends.

Death: End of all emotions and not your breathe is the ultimate death. Mere breathing is not living, You must feel in order to feel alive.

4 thoughts on “Defining Life…..

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  2. Yesm we must feel in order to to feel alive. How many of us are walking around living in our head and not our body. Most people get caught in the web of culture, and lose the freshness of a young child.

  3. Great Post and I have been thinking about the world love. How it should be spread more and it is not just about romantic love. Love the universe and as many people as you can. Anyway, your post said it well! 🙂

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