An Extra Hour- The 25th of the day

Read this for my personal secret of getting an extra hour in the day. How often you wonder, what if there was one extra hour in a day, specially when some dead lines are approaching. God grace, only if you would have got that one hour extra, you could have managed to get that tender, or not have missed that flight. Well yes, here i am giving you that one extra hour, the 25th of the day.

Keep away that newspaper: The time to freshen up in the morning is also the time we go through the daily news. This is E-Age and 85% of the news you see in the morning daily, is something you have already read in some online site. Reading is good, but the time could have been used for morning exercise or a small walk.

Read while you commute: If you drive to your offfice via some public transport or hired cab, this is the best time which can be allocated to reading your favorite magazine/newspaper or even make the daily planner. Sitting idle and looking in the emptiness of the environment is complete waste of that time you will miss in later stages.

Ration your stay on social websites: Being social is a wonderful thing, but to socialize on online platform without the limit of time, will get you thousand friends with no real meaning. Ration your time and allocate limited periods to these social platform.

Cell Phones are for your comfort not there: How often you receive a call, from someone you are not really interested in talking to. Well, don’t waste time in case you don’t want that person. Cell Phones were meant for your convenience not there.

Good night Planner:  To sleep and to be worried about a thing about tomorrow, is a very dangerous situation if put together. Plan your thing, rather then be worried about them. A day well planned is a day well lived. Mark your things, and then rate them to there priorities. Only then you will realize that more than half of the things you were worried about, are not even on your priority list.

Addiction – The final part

Scene 3: Judy has left jade, and he will be a guilty heart, through out his life, for that one night mistake, which he made in the insane overdose of marijuana.  This was the sole reason which pushed Jade back to his bad brat life. He started taking drugs, and virtually lost his senses.
But that one phone call by Stanley’s made a big difference. The rehabilitation people were great guys. Jade is recovering now. He is learning to play guitar, and he thinks that music is one power that could get him his love back. Let’s see, what he has to say:
Continuing “Addiction” With a friction.
Scratching fings.  On copper strings. .
Some musical wings, to make me fly.
Give one more try. .
I am not a looser, to sit back and cry. .
I will raise a tune, to lure you, soon. .
Soon, the picture will end. . It’s the usual trend. .
The climax is drastic. .
But the ultimate outcome,

It got to be fantastic. .

Letter to Judy

Dear Judy,

Among so many mistakes, that I commit,
There is one, which stands tall.
We all had one life Judy,
And I guess, I waste it all
You said, you will never come back.
But I know, your love was true.
My sunk ship, still has some life,
And I believe, I will make it through
The Stanley’s often said,
” Forget Judy and move ahead”
Not all the love stories have happy endings,
Judy, it’s not the last letter that I am sending.
One day, my letters will make you cry…
I will wait for it, and till then, I’ll try…
A year has passed, and autumn are back.
Funny, my life is still off the track,
Among all the drugs, that I inhale
Your addiction was surely the best…
Judy, its time for me to go…
In next letter, I will tell you the rest
with love,
an addict

Addicted – 2

Scene 2: Jade is now recalling his life, and thinking about, how he has reached the same position, where he was, about a year back. People call him an addict, and so he was, An Addict. Loss of mother at the age of 5, and father working abroad to earn more money has resulted in nothing so unobvious results. He was a Spoiled kid. Late night parties, clubs, girls, and cars were all a part of his daily routine. And then how it all changed, when he met this wonder girl, Judy.  Read it in his words:
Into memories now.
Yeah. . I was an addict. .
Guess it was my fate’s verdict. .
Mom, why did you leave me early?
Papa was too busy, earning.
I was a failure at choosing friends,
Even the house servants were cunning.
This just paves the way.
And I was lost in grey.
Yeah, I was an addict,
Guess it was my fate’s verdict. .
At 14 I owned my first car,
Ronny was my best guy,
We had a gang, and I was the star.
Money was never a problem, really..
My friends had me, and I had my father’s trolley…
Trolley, full of bucks, bucks and bucks of shit!!
I wanted your love, papa. And u didn’t give a bit!!
Yeah, I was an addict,
Guess it was my fate’s verdict.
What happens next is no surprise.
Yeah, I was spoiled, anyone could predict.
I lost some bucks. .
Stocks fumble at Wall Street. .
I take some chicks
To uncle Sam’s sweet. .
Club, cards and horse gamble. .
I trust nothing. . My faith tremble. .
I screwed my teenage…
With lethal weapon. .
I was living to die. .
Until you happen. .
writer’s thoughts: what should follow now, are few very romantic phrases, on how Judy absolutely changed our Jade, make him a good guy and bla bla bla… well I am not writing ahead, because I don’t think I am competent to write romantic rhymes. you can watch any bollywood romantic masala movie to guess that. )
In present now
No… You sweetheart, reading this saga. .
I am not telling a love story. . No romantic raga. .
What happened next, was no rarity..
Judy just changed me, and my past was no parity..
Now in a fast forward mode,
Before any of you get bored.
Those, who have read, Addict (one). .
Know the broken thread, and the clinch. .
That line. . “The other girl”, and “the ditch”
So, I will tell you rest at some other time. .
Let it come. . And wait for my next rhyme. . 😉



Jade: A young boy of 23, living a lavish life, bad brat, as they say
Judy: The only girl on this planet, who could have changed Jade.
Scene 1: Jade is been living in isolation since last autumn. The whole white marble villa is no longer a place of attraction for neighbors. And only thing popular about that 200 yards structure is a man in his early 20s , who does nothing but inhale drugs and more drugs and some more drugs. There are stories in town that his girlfriend Judy has dumped him and this spoiled kid don’t have the kidney to digest this simple fact that not all the love stories end happily.
Yah, its true that Jade is been living on cocaine and marijuana. And if tested, his blood sample will certainly show more of alcohol then the RBCs (Red Blood Cells) necessary to keep a human alive.
Well!!! He wasn’t living anyway…
SO finally, one day, the too much tortured neighbors, the Stanley’s dials to the rehabilitation people. The already nonliving substance, Jade, is now been put into a van and here onwards to follow are the emotions going through the mind of Jade:

Your eyes were the drug, injected in my nerves. .
Insulating addiction.was your purpose.. And it was served. .

They thought i am taking steroids,
medically, thats why, i am blue..
i had the worst addiction,
wasn’t snorting cocaine, it were you..
Crawling the skin, tearing apart my sense. .
brain under hammer. . Um wikid tense. .
Fetching my soul.. With this crawl. .Why ain’t i fall. .
Feel like a Gothic doll. . In your hand. .
White then the Cocaine. .You were the best brand. .
The flame of my cigarette . . The ring cells are gone..
The fight i regret. .Am all alone. .
Ain’t she the bitch. . She forced me to ditch. .no bliss..
You were the marijuana. . the best, Central Asia, cannabis. .
I dream you every night. . I feel you in my room. .
black were my tears. . Now dried. . i assume. .
I am turning blue now. .They told me. . It will be sour. .
Toxic were you. .into a state of ecstasy, like never before. .
My eyes are sloppy now. .tied in a van, moving to rehabilitation…
i can’t think ahead..  heavy head, a creepy sensation..

Your eyes were the drug, injected in my nerves. .

Insulating addiction.was your purpose.. And it was served. .

Take new steps

Life has no authentic lessons to tell, unless you are doing your homework and making any effort to move ahead. A risk free life comprises of taking used steps, trying nothing new and playing same role everyday. How would you feel, it taught same nursery rhymes every day for years, in all the standards. Its no use of being afraid on trying new scripts, because on of these untried scripts can someday result in a block buster, which no body expected. Choose the path less traveled by, choose to climb the mountains and then skid back on roller shoes. Unless it killed you, it will be an experience to die for. A routine teacher will teach you what is written in the books, a day out of the books will tell you what there is, in real, inside the woods. Take chances, step ahead, do the unusual and get the unusual.

Social Service – You need not necessarily be an NGO

While my busy schedule will never let me take time and be part of a social cause, i always feel the need to give something to the society. Not satisfied with the idea of joining a full time NGO, i went out to look for the ways about how can we help the society without even making a small difference to our daily life. Here are some most common ways to serve the society, which in aggregate will work out to be tons of welfare.

Don’t just throw your waste: Yeah right, the Government has hired workers to clean the city and pick up the garbage, but it in no ways allows you to throw your petty waste here and there. If only we use those dustbin on the roadside, will we be able to walk on a clean road.

Smoke less: Smoking in injurious to health, not only your own, but of the society as well. Thousand of people will be at the risk of cancer without actually using a single cigratte in there entire life. Not only it harms in long term, it stinks  too, and that’s not something your girl will enjoy.

Use less paper: The E Mail Signature text used in corporate office has always fascinated me as it carries with it a very special advise, “Do not print, unless very important”  Words says it all, a single rim of paper is made out of cutting some tree from your locality. Trees undoubtedly are a treasure you will not like to waste so casually.

Walk, wherever possible: Petrol prices are rising and still no limit on number of vehicle on the road. Use you car for less one mile from today, it will not only save more money for you, but the level of pollution will also come down. Walk more from today, pool car with your friend. That’s a sure help to society.

Donate books: All of us have some books of old classes, take them out. Find a kid near by and gift it to him. If that’s not what he needs, exchange the book from the second hand book market. It won’t cost us much, but will help that kid a lot.

Spread Smiles: Smile a little more to the strangers, Give away easy hugs. Appreciate the person working in your locality, that you rarely noticed. One happy person will work double his efficiency. Its a free service which in turn bring you love and respect.

Coffee Love (Revisited… <3 )

Should we order, more coffee or tea?
Okay, come back, so where were we?
Yeah, I just watched you, for past 1 hour,
Over a chit chat, this coffee bar,
Little of privacy, but the oldies’ there,
Wearing glass and passing stare,
We order repeat and tipped him spare…
Talked about nothing, but weather,
Laughed at our boss, together,
Coffee was ordinary, you were better,
Let’s plan for Friday Theater??
Ah, I asked and you had plans,
I was disappointed yet had to be nice,
Thank god, you acted wise,
Yeah, any other day would also do,
All I want is to be with you…
Hmm, what else I pull, to make you laugh,
Even waiters are dressed nicely
And manager is talking wisely…
Hmm, India won by 1 wicket,
Huh, you have no interest in cricket??
Okay, let me talk on market, the current stock
Why this crap phone, is now ringing.
 Please disconnect, its your sister calling,
Tell her, she is eating time, on my date,
I don’t like her, and now I hate.
Okay, come back, so where were we?
Should we order, more coffee or tea?

I carry u in me!!


After I finished “Addiction”. .

And yours “Magic of first glance”. .
It just turns my life over. .
No respite, I surrender, to your maneuver
Molded me the way, you wanted it to be. .
I can still feel you. . In your “Absence”
Coz I am carrying you in me. .
My mirror has your reflection. .
My soul is yours, in fractions. .
My roomy say, “I am insane”
“I may have a mirror mirage!!”
But even my shower gives your illusion. .
Why would I lie?
My eyes go shaky. Time is frozen. .
I draw you in pixels. .Often talks in whispers. .
Roll my fingers, softly, on the glass. .
Your lips move, Wanna say something. .
The pixels cramp, broken in boxes. .
Before I blink, you are gone. .
Still I carry you in me. .
How can I be alone?
You know!! When I move on streets!!!
No mob, People just freeze. .
Cupid breeze. . It’s like I am walking on the moon.
My fingers are often twisted. .
Probably holding you by fling. .
Burbling a love song I often sing. .
Enrique’s addiction or Eminem’s crime..
Many have sung it, many a time. .
But now I know!! What they feel. .
Others are so materialistic. .
They believe what they see. .
But I don’t care a bit. .
Coz I am carrying you in me. .
Your thoughts are my possession, Absurd obsession. .
I am forced to leach, into salty sea.
Thought I wasn’t meant to swim. .
Then is it your voice? That’s blowing me through!!
Coz I feel your scent, into water splash. .
Signaling, from the light house. . “On” and “off” in a flash. .
You are a gold fish. .I am an ordinary sailor. .
Distractions around me. . Are the “whale”
I will squeeze my love and safely sail. .
I will get you, alright!! We will meet…
Some people will say, “One boy drowned”
They are material, they will get my body. .
But my soul, it will be free. .
How can I loose you? I carry you in me..
How can I loose you? I carry you in me..
Writer’s note: yet another page from the ghost diaries. Last December, police found a dead body of a young man flowing in makarta beach. After investigation the file was closed as an accident. But some stories in newspaper says, it was the same place where that young boy lost his girlfriend a month back, and since then his mental state wasn’t stable. What u read above was written by same boy, just one day before the accident!!!

Defining Life…..

Definitions:  What is Love? What you mean by Hate? Are there any Black and White or lot of shades of grey?
Obviously there are many grey shades, but if we try to black and white every thing, Put these terms to the test provided and you will get to understand what i mean to say:


Love: Love for me is to feel good about some body. Not any big words, no big promises, if the presence of someone makes you happy and this petty issues gives you concerns, then admit it or not you are already in love with that person. You want that person to be smiling always, whether that smiles includes or not.


Hate: To not love some one means to hate. Off course not to level that you want to go on and hit that person, but there are some pretty issues which concerns you.


Anxiety , Negative and Depression: “Fear of Failure” is what define all these thoughts. Take it on a scale of 10.


1-5 : Anxiety

6-8: Negativity

9-10: Depression

Anxiety is good, as it prevents you from over confidence. There is a small fear of failure before you start any thing. Just try to keep that fear under the scale of 5. After 5 negative thoughts will start to creep in. Stay far far away from that level of 9 & 10.

Friendship: The purest form of love. it can happen between your pals, boy or girl, your sibling and never mind, your parents can be your best friends.

Death: End of all emotions and not your breathe is the ultimate death. Mere breathing is not living, You must feel in order to feel alive.