Smiling- In the Corporate culture

Situation 1: Meeting room with harsh comments and heated up discussions, You are confident of your point and so is the other person, that is why he yells at you, shouts so as to prove his point correct. What a mild smile does at this point of time is dismiss his anger. Its nothing personal between you and him regarding the point of debate, however this smile is absolute personal and a gesture that i like yous level of dedication for the debate and lets take it in a sporting spirit.


Situation 2: You had a bad meeting, all the points of your discussion were rejected. Your client is exhausted, and will yell at you for the rubbish argument with no results. He wants to show his anger that he could not inside the meeting room. Give him a mild smile, and let him fall in believe that every thing will be taken care of. Let his emotions flow out without responding much in return. Sometimes to stay quite with a sweet smile is what act as an effective medicine for a bad ache meeting.


Situation 3: Its some big official holding a position of power, and all he needs is some bundle of notes before he will grant his permission for the case. Its illegal, but you don’t have any other way out. A smile even in this case will help you. Help for what?? For negotiating a better deal for the trade. Every human likes to be liked and smile is a great gesture that you like the person in front of you, despite his being so mean and hungry for money.


Situation 4: You are here to sign a deal, chances are low. Irrespective of the weak points in your proposals and merits of your competitors proposal, what comes handy is a fake confidence and a lovely smile. Contract is already gone to your competitor, or it is in the last stages of being honored to your opponent, Smile for your last chance. You never know, the party might just love your attitude for the fight, or in any case you would be in the good books for them always.


Whatever the situation may be, smiling at it will give them a massage that you are not afraid of the situation. Irrespective of the strength of your opinion, your attitude is what will shine and you never know what the selection criteria is, the Opinion or THE ATTITUDE.

life and love….


Life is often more beautiful then the love, love is so over rated, its full of colors, while love was just one of it. Life give me emotions to play, where including love, i hated and then cried, got angry and then smiled, i felt jealous and then forgive, i learned to fail, i learned to fights. Life is strength and weakness, life is act and think less. Love is so over rated , where its in your emotions, life is real, whats happening to us. I don’t deny the love for credit stealing, just that i am happy to be just living.

Falling in Love with your Close Friend….

Ever felt the need to hug tightly your closest pal? or jealous because he/she has started giving time to their lover and not you? Modern day love, come and go often. What stays is one friend, who is there mostly, in your hour of need. He/She will listen to your crazy fantasies and also you sad love endings. Will miss their meeting just to give u a friendly treat. Yes, he/she is our friend of the hour. So, will you gamble that one friend to be your next lover. Tricky, isn’t it. well, here is a list of pros ad cons for getting into a relation with your chuddy buddy:

1) Lovers might come and go, but a best buddy is never replaceable.

2) Expectation burden. People have different expectation from our friends while from their lovers. so don’t be surprised if your lover turned friend also start to expect a little more cozy relation then what you used to share earlier.

3) You call him/her your best buddy and is your gossip destination. Where will all the gossips be sink in now.

4) He/She already know your favorite coffee cafe, your movie taste your shopping destinations. So no time wasting in training, you get to take the best out of this relationship

5) Mutual friends will be a great aid as no hassle in getting used to your lover’s best buddies, you already know them all.

6) Know each other’s birthdays, parent’s anniversaries, gifting preferences all in advance.

7) You will get a bunch full of people saying, they always knew something was cooking between you two.

8) Its easy to get in, but hard to get out. Ever thought about the situation when you might have to declare a break off from your best buddy.

9) This could be your last try at love, because if this succeed then well, otherwise you might even lost your only shoulder to cry upon. Psychologically it won’t be ever possible to get in friendly terms once you have crossed those limits and entered the love heavens.

10) Friend is a friend indeed, Even a lover can’t fill its place.