When i am sad… (Conversations)

7 Responses to My day Blogging

  1. Ha!

    I snuck into your poem in two pieces.
    I know I could do that!
    You rhyme the worlds questions of today.
    Everyone same question.
    Which time is wasted?

  2. soumyav says:
    and you shall thus rhyme in a way,

    where your dreams shall flow with you ..
    in a stream..
    filling your life with all joys..
    and bundles of happiness extreme…

  3. I have gone through that evolution,

    i grew from pupa to adult, i flew
    some heights i some how reached,
    though the glory of peaks were few,
    Soaked in rain, abrupt pain
    This worldly material, all new,
    sometimes, i wanna go back,
    from where i originate,
    Tired of fictions, this world creates.
    There is pain in this glory,
    The moon is crying,
    and the night is sorry.

6 thoughts on “When i am sad… (Conversations)

  1. going back doesn’t help,
    for the pain shall always bring out the best,
    the struggle,the challengeyou face,
    shall one day be your hall of fame…
    moving forth is what we can do,
    in moments of joy or solitude,
    gathering love from tids and bits ,
    along the journey ..
    where ambitions grew…
    treasuring them within,
    rejuvenating life serene…
    walking flying on the path…
    soon will lead to your destiny..

  2. I confess, you’re up for a blog nomination, which it is my pleasure to pass on. If ‘you’ would like to confess something too, please read my Oct 18 blog post and don’t hesitate in following the instructions…

    I almost thought about writing “following in my footsteps” but who knows where that might have landed me? …. back at that crossroads between big and small undoubtedly……… : )

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