Revealing me… (Conversations)

poetjena says:
so much to love about this poem,… mmm… where to begin?

Just for a moment I stopped
for a short spell,
at “metro fantasies”
wondering what stories
they might have to tell,
But then I went back to that old, “scar”
which I couldn’t leave alone,
like that wobbly kid’s tooth
of that man now grown,
showing me who you are.

  • I am trying to unveil, Still unsure

    Who i am? What my purpose are?
    Failed attempts, at trying to cure,
    My faded, yet beautiful little scar.
    Stories at metro were always spark,
    Only issue is, i am afraid of dark.
    I am moving places, yet un-moved
    So many thoughts, no place to park.

    Seeds have now grown, to cereals,
    You see me through, and it feels nice
    kids have grown much before age
    Farmers will now harvest the rice
    Broken tooth were all better,
    All we face now are broken heart,
    Its a piece from Metro Fantasies
    rest will come, in some other part.

    till then
    cheeriossss…. :)

11 thoughts on “Revealing me… (Conversations)

  1. A new moon has come. And
    now I have come to
    tell you this, That
    ‘your’ courage
    brother is a
    ‘big’ thing
    to me.
    Big to
    even than
    that scar on
    your hand of
    which you must
    nevertheless be proud,
    As I now, having looked upon
    you must learn to be of my smallness.

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