Its a Market and u r the trade…

Parties are to dance to drink,,see who’s a better dance,,

roads are to race in tiny street, show it, when you get a chance,, 

bikes de-trail the walkers,car de-trails the bikes. 

Everyone is moving faster, ,to sell, buy what they like,, 

Its a market,,and you are the trade,Try hard, to get best price..

Its one hand for another,,Who says the barter dies.

People are up for the toss. 

Some body’s gain,,some body’s loss..

You sell, i buy,, i buy you sell,,

its a deal, every second, each day..

employees sell to bosses,,bosses to client,,

dudes sell to darlings,,darlings sell to shop..

a beggar needs a meal,,a loser needs some hope..

Some where some how, every one of us is for trade 

Parties are to dance to drink,, see who’s a better dance,

roads are to race in tiny street, show it, when you get a chance,, 

When i am sad… (Conversations)

7 Responses to My day Blogging

  1. Ha!

    I snuck into your poem in two pieces.
    I know I could do that!
    You rhyme the worlds questions of today.
    Everyone same question.
    Which time is wasted?

  2. soumyav says:
    and you shall thus rhyme in a way,

    where your dreams shall flow with you ..
    in a stream..
    filling your life with all joys..
    and bundles of happiness extreme…

  3. I have gone through that evolution,

    i grew from pupa to adult, i flew
    some heights i some how reached,
    though the glory of peaks were few,
    Soaked in rain, abrupt pain
    This worldly material, all new,
    sometimes, i wanna go back,
    from where i originate,
    Tired of fictions, this world creates.
    There is pain in this glory,
    The moon is crying,
    and the night is sorry.

Coffee Love… :)


Because i feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .
Be it the sun sign or the lucky star. .
You are my moon, my sun, My sweet sa yar. .
For since i came to senses. .
I lost “me” in you. .
didn’t have a clue. .
But, From the school canteen. .
To the birthday bash. .
The pizza treats
and the early school rash. .
With YOUR lots of pals. .
My only mate were you . .
And I feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .
Yeah that was a crazy crush. .
For nine years. .
I waited. .Still No rush. .
Saw you. . Growing. .
Over commitments. .
And healing my kid. .
From her love dents. .
Yeah, even i tried some girls, No fun. .
Because i knew. .
I have already lost. .
the “me” in you. .
I have a lone purpose. . God grace. .
Want a smile. . On your face. .
For which, I would do but noting. .
Your silly talks are the song
(I like). .
And would you just sing
(for me, Whole my life).
Because our friendship. .
That you call. .
Dumb. . Its so much of love. .
And i love you so true. .
Yeah, i feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .

Revealing me… (Conversations)

poetjena says:
so much to love about this poem,… mmm… where to begin?

Just for a moment I stopped
for a short spell,
at “metro fantasies”
wondering what stories
they might have to tell,
But then I went back to that old, “scar”
which I couldn’t leave alone,
like that wobbly kid’s tooth
of that man now grown,
showing me who you are.

  • I am trying to unveil, Still unsure

    Who i am? What my purpose are?
    Failed attempts, at trying to cure,
    My faded, yet beautiful little scar.
    Stories at metro were always spark,
    Only issue is, i am afraid of dark.
    I am moving places, yet un-moved
    So many thoughts, no place to park.

    Seeds have now grown, to cereals,
    You see me through, and it feels nice
    kids have grown much before age
    Farmers will now harvest the rice
    Broken tooth were all better,
    All we face now are broken heart,
    Its a piece from Metro Fantasies
    rest will come, in some other part.

    till then
    cheeriossss…. :)

Coming Back Home

Dad I didn’t jell up well, loved you mom

For money I moved out, changed Zone,

Had fun with girls and drinks, still alone

It’s a cruel world and I am coming home.


I visited once, to the nearby market,

It was full of people, and no one I know.

I am not a kid now, but a man, mid twenty,

Still I miss the days when you warned me,


Not to talk to strangers, because they are bad.

Strangers are all I know, “friends” once I had

Now I know people, I do business with,

But they just want me to sell,

Feel so lost and sometimes I yell,


I tried different girls, jobs were always hectic,

Targets were almost set, to kill me at it

Will cut budget to save money on that “Big Car”

I don’t like the food here; I iron my own scar.


I am surrounded by jungle, all dust

Malls, theaters, office, box of concrete.

Yes, I have made mistakes, but then,

My life didn’t carry the instruction sheet.


All those metro fantasies are now gone.

For money I moved out, changed Zone,

Had fun with girls and drinks, still alone

I miss you dad, I miss you mom

It’s a cruel world and I am coming home.

One thing was missing (You)….

walking on dis grassy green, i often recall how it has been,,,
i was okay, i was living,,,, never so eager never so keen…

i was standing yet flying,, i did laugh yet crying,,,,
moving partying yet alone,,,was satisfied yet trying,,,

i really really had no clue,,
one thing was missing,, and that thing was you!!!!!

in the classroom, when i was nine…
there she entered .. 2nd bench third line…
i was joy, i was fun, i was happy , i was fine…

long hairs, lovely smile, sparkle teeth, dress was blue
i really really had no clue,,
one thing was missing,, nd dat thing was you!!!!!

time passed,,,things changed,, and we grow up!!!
but smone nvr realised, that i was struck!!!

struck to time that we spent,, just me and you!!
i really really had no clue,,
one thing was missing and that thing was you!!!

and now, i realise,, you are gone!!!
i got friends,, yet am alone!!!

nd i, i close my eye, nd start thinking the time!!!
its lovely pain, and that tear which jst drew!!
its nothing, nothing but a clue!!!
one thing was missing,,, and that thing was you!!!