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The Life Style You Ordered Is Out Of Stock


Doesn’t it happens so many times?

You are upset for not getting some thing you want?

or You frustrated with the way life has been treating you.

Employers are not happy with there staff’s involvement levels, Employees feel torturer with the unreal targets set by the managements. Wife are not impressed by their husbands any more and husbands look for options otherwise. Kids are not happy with the stuff they get, parents are not happy with their kids demands.

Where lay the problem. Is it that god has given a perfect life to every one but you. Or just that you want that little more out of your life, but just not able to get it. Lets see the math of it:

you were that little angel baby, which just came out of your mother’s cushion, eyes sparkling. You wanted to talk and understand what they are trying to say. Grown up a little, you see more friends, more relatives. Now the home was a small place, you needed to visit neighbors. Once you went out to a walk outside your society, with you dad, and now you want to go there more often. A by-cycle would be perfect, you told your mom. Riding your bike, you saw that pretty girl next block. “A CAR,  you said , “i can’t date on a bike”. Wish Granted, and its a car. Soon you wanted to visit places, drink more beer and win more stuff. Girlfriend’s cosmetic is really expensive. Money is a constraint, even though you have got a good job. Next day your girlfriend says, she wants to get married and get settled. You say Yes, even though you wanted some more time to think. Now you need a house to live, a car to drive and some handy cash for household chores. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Few month later, you are been told that she is expecting and you would be a dad, and you would think, wow,, i am going to be a DAD, though somewhere in the little corner you will think, “I am so dead”


We blame God, for not giving us the life we want… We blame him to be less kind or less caring.  Well… He didn’t promise us anything, when he first deport us to this earth. We created out own dreams and then our own needs.

Try to find the word repeated most number of times, in this post, and it will be your answer as to who is responsible for your mismanaged lifestyle…. 🙂


Well, the Word is “YOU”


and it is repeated…

35 times….



I feel complete ( with you <3 )


Because i feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .
Be it the sun sign or the lucky star. .
You are my moon, my sun, My sweet sa yar. .
For since i came to senses. .
I lost “me” in you. .
didn’t have a clue. .
But, From the school canteen. .
To the birthday bash. .
The pizza treats
and the early school rash. .
With YOUR lots of pals. .
My only mate were you . .
And I feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .
Yeah that was a crazy crush. .
For nine years. .
I waited. .Still No rush. .
Saw you. . Growing. .
Over commitments. .
And healing my kid. .
From her love dents. .
Yeah, even i tried some girls, No fun. .
Because i knew. .
I have already lost. .
the “me” in you. .
I have a lone purpose. . God grace. .
Want a smile. . On your face. .
For which, I would do but noting. .
Your silly talks are the song
(I like). .
And would you just sing
(for me, Whole my life).
Because our friendship. .
That you call. .
Dumb. . Its so much of love. .
And i love you so true. .
Yeah, i feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .

Be a MAN OF WORDS not man with words

MAN OF WORDS v/s man with words

The title font in itself an initial signal as to what differentiate the two. One represents quality and other transit this quality into his actions. Education is important, and what is does is to give you the math to differentiate between what is right ethically and what is wrong. Everything that profits us is not ethical and hence not suggestible. So as an educated person you can be a Good Guy with moral responsibilities or you can be the one who knows all the rules but is still irresponsible towards the society. We know the rules but here is my small effort to clarify the differences one more time:

MAN OF WORDS will transmit the values into his actions whereas the man with words will only transmit them into clothes.

People hear to what a man with words has to say, whereas the really Listen to what a MAN OF WORDS speaks.

      MAN OF WORDS is a person who speaks less, simply because his words carries more weight, whereas man with words will display their art of playing with words, dancing on the slate book.

      Man with word will talk with people, while the MAN OF WORD will walk with people in their hour of need.

      Man with word is never shy of words and MAN OF WORDS is never shy of actions.



He was a cool stud, with money and girls. Love took care of him, but his one mistake took his love away. Read this poetic version of  What happens next.

Conversation with a fellow blogger…. :)

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  1. i am a poet, and i save the world every day..
    i burn till dawn and i fight with dark…
    thoughts are my bow and words are my arch

  2. Metaphors need to compare,
    whats there for illusion,
    Imagination to string,
    and one “love” to sing.
    God grace, and parents smile
    and some other worldly matters,
    a hard to reach, traveled mile,
    one heart won, one dream shattered.
    So lets just dance, without compare,
    and share your story, now and here.

    • poetjena says:

      Poets and archers alike, the love
      played out on their strings,
      pure enough to make gods
      gracious. Where bewilderment
      is great, illusion is no laughing matter,
      on hard worn paths with harder
      won battles. I’ll share you some
      arrows from my here and now.
      Let’s not forget the slings.
      Stories only. No broken dreams.

      • I have seen the arch, they miss the aim,
        Poets fall to dust, with their entire name
        Illusions, I don’t laugh about, they fade
        God is grace all around, in all its jade
        I welcome your arrows & the stories brought
        No poets will be born, if no dream were broke

I am Zaveri Bazzar.. where life goes on…

People talking on their cell pones, girls tapping the keypads,smiling at nothing.. bikers nearly running into each other.. Street hawkers fighting over a lost client,Its a perfect competition market here in Zaveri Bazar and no hawker can monopolize the trade. But nobody stops them fighting, its their land after all. “Serving you since year so and so” says many banner on different  little sheds, which are hardly visible to anyone.This rush is no different from any other place for a mumbaikar.
Roads are not as wide as shown in those Bollywood flicks, but big enough to handle about a million visitors every day. who would even believe that this muddle of narrow lanes, dotted with hundreds of jewelry shops that sell gems and jewels has an annual turnover of Rs 5 lakh crore and 65 per cent of India’s gold trading and dealing is controlled from here. And then its not only about Gold, there are five other markets — textiles, hardware, yarn, stationary products, and steel – starting from Juma Masjid (Mumbai’s biggest mosque) to the Mumbadevi temple. Most buildings here are 50-70 years old, making the close-circuit cameras look incongruous.
Yes, this is me, a overcrowded street of Zaveri Bazzar. I dont exactly remember, when i grown into a road from a mere street and then again depreciated from the burden of handling this sewages, dingy lanes and massive police security, this all may sound hard to handle, but trust me, i have learnt to go along. I am the biggest jewellary retail market of India after all. Where else would you find the extravaganza  of gems and precious stones, photo frames, clips, tea-sets, dinnerware, toys and other luxury lifestyle articles crafted out of expensive metals.
All these thing are what i am proud of. And you wanna know, what else makes me feel pride? Its the fact that i never sleep. Yeah, its true, for last many years as you can remember, i haven’t slept. Haven’t,  except for  that 1993 Bomb blast and the terrorist attack on 25th August 2003.

Last year (13th  July 2011) was the 3rd day in 4 decades that i felt lonely. I missed my usual crowd. I missed those hawkers, those retailers. I missed that typical mumbaikar, who is always in a hurry. And i know, he will be missing me too. you see, we love each other too much. and why wont we?
Who wont admire a lover, who knows the risks and still spend a substantial part of his life here with me. It is the passion that has kept me going despite all this wear and tear. And this is the spirit of a mumbaikar to keep loving me..

Miracles in life – The Eureka Moment

Do you want a miracle in your life?


Did you ever wish for eureka moment?


“Life is tough for everyone but people don’t seem to bother much. Why is it me that I have to take all the burdens and live with it, pretending to be happy and smiling all the time?”


If these are the thoughts which struck you often, this post is for you. 🙂


I came across a beautiful quote in one of the fellow blogger’s post. It goes something like that, ” A horse is known only to the pain it bear from his jockey and not the win, like the same way, if you feel pain in life, see is as God, giving those pain for a prize you are unaware about.”


Two ways to look at it:


a) There are no super natural things that are going to happen. We make our own destiny or spoil it, with our own efforts. Or,


b) Everything that happens in this life is super natural. It’s the blessing of the god that we walk, we eat, we see and we do, the stuff, which at first looks so ordinary but in fact are miracle.


I have always been an advocate of second school of thoughts. Think when you were a kid, each stuff that looks so normal to you now, used to amaze you. Did you ever think that you would be able to see in person and talk to a person thousand miles away from you? Or even listen to his/her voice. Keep apart the technology, God has himself given so many blessings, To see, To hear, To taste, To Smell and To move.


Beauty is in the eye of person watching. It’s just that we grow up, and we grow up so habitual to these nature’s virtues that we forget to thank god for all the blessings he has given to us. This post is not to put in any religious thought into your mind. Think of it this way,

God has given us with a Heart, to feel, what eyes cannot see, and what ears cannot listen to. And then he has given us with a mind, which calculates millions of combinations at a milli second that even a fastest of super computer is not capable of.


We must not see our life as a monotonous trail, but treat each passing minute as a blessing, as an adventure of journey, god has provided us with. Think, not like a man filled in with all worldly knowledge, but as a child, who see the miracle is growing of a tree, and get amazed when his sweet puppy jumps up in his lap and adore the charm of the moment. 🙂