To Write or Not To Write….

After 10000 hits, 1350 likes and 600+ comments, the big question which haunts me is

Am I ready to write a book?

Will the people read my book, with as much love, as they do with my blog?

What will be the topic, I should choose to write?

Will my book actually sell?

How do we get it published?

Is my writing, worthy of being priced?

All these questions pull me back and push me ahead and the fight goes on in my mind.

When I Re Read these question, I notice that first three questions are from the heart of a writer, who want nothing else but to write.

Next three questions are more of a worldly issue, the sale/money factor.

As for my ratings, my answers though biased, will be as follows:

Book Ready: May Be

Affectionate writing: May Be

Subject: Not Sure

Zonal: Not Sure

Salable: Not Sure

Publisher: Not Certain

Price Worthy: Not Sure

So pals, since you know all my queries now and also my certain answers tot eh same, I would request you to provide your feedback. Please don’t take it lightly as this is going to be a decider question to my life. Very comment will be appreciated and discussed upon. So don’t hesitate to criticize and give your inputs.

Thank You for your valuable feedback…


34 thoughts on “To Write or Not To Write….

  1. what harm woudl it do to sit down for a few hours or even days and start to map out ideas for subjects? At least then you’d know if you have ideas tat are worth writing about. I kow this one thing, life is VERY short and procrastination only serves one purpose, to stop us achieving our goals. In some ways the publisher question doesnt matter because that will come later.

    By the way, I have a friend who in 2004 told me about an idea she had for a book. Herself and her husband have just had that book published this summer and it has sold out in Amazon 3 times now. You can do it if you really want to.

  2. Your need to write must override all else. You cannot be a writer unless you write, write, and write; each day, every day because in your heart nothing else matters. Putting pen to paper is paramount, whether in prose or poetry. There is infinite satisfaction in watching the ink flow like your heart’s blood. Transfer then to your PC for all those final edits – it will also save paper.

  3. Forget about anything else but writing. Just write. Forget about the “what about” and “how, when, where”. Just focus on the simplest, yet hardest, task: writing.
    And I’m sure the rest will come.

  4. If writing is what you desire, than write. Not for monetary value. Write because it’s what drives you, for the love of it. You can start off independent and small. I’m interesting in writing a non-fiction memoir and posting it as a Amazon Kindle book. You dont need a agent, or publisher. Once you build a name and following actually publishing chances can be sought after. Alot of authors started off small. A YA author i follow won the first ever “text a novel” contest and just finished a 5 book series and is starting a new series. Have you heard of 50 shades of gray? That author ( and book) started off as a Twilight fan fiction and it got so popular she turned it into a novel online, then finally trilogy and was publish worldwide. ( I have my own opinions, negative, about that author but hey success is success and if poor writing like that can be published and popular is just gives me more hope for honest good writers). LIfe is short and any dreams or interests you may have are worth the time and effort. The hour you spend blogging can be spent drafting a novel. Take it a day at a time. Best of luck!

  5. A blog may also be monified. You are already doing it and good at it. Maybe look into Sara Arrow. She helps bloggers. You got the writing part. She helps with the possible business side. And yeah, like wanderlust said.Just write.

  6. Rishad, your post about ppl dying moved me deeply. There’s no harm in starting to write a book. I started writing mine on this blog to find out whether folk would be interested, and to show publishers the stats. Go for it! You’ll do well.

  7. I think if you write, it’s got to be because you have something to say which is burning to get out. Or, you want to make money and think you can (I guess, though personally I don’t like that kind of writing much).

  8. Hello there!

    I appreciate the likes on my blog. As for your quest in writing a book, I say: do it. Writers write. That’s all there is to it. If you have a creative inclination then more power to ya! I wish you the best and God bless.


  9. Can only encourage you to write. A few years ago I took out two years to focus on my writing and it was my most productive time, I did some writing courses and wrote quite a lot of short stories. I wasn’t sure if I could write a book so I did an experiment. Everyday I would sit down for a few hours and just wrote whatever came into my head. I was amazed what came out of me and finished a 300 page book within a few weeks, my first draft.

    Unfortunately money run short and I needed to get back to work. Having a very demanding job I would come back home exhausted each night and the last thing on my mind was to write. I made a resolution, though, that I will write something every day..

    Sometimes I spent an hour just writing rubbish but as long as I’m writing I feel I’m on the right track. I’m amazed that some of my best pieces have been written when I had the least motivation and felt dryer like the Arabian desert.

    Therefore, no matter what, write and keep on writing and don’t worry about being published and who’s reading it. There’s only one person you need to please and that is yourself.

  10. Write. Write, because you love to, and love is meant to be expressed. Your work will always be trashed by many, you will always receive constructive comments and above all, your words will bring hope and inspiration to someone. So, buddy, stop thinking and start writing. I guarantee I will be first to buy your book. All the best!

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