What i want from WordPress…

Weekend is here, for the friends to plan, For the boyfriends and girlfriends to date, For married, to shop and for oldies, to walk. All seem so busy then one pesron, In isolation, “I” The Blogger. Seriouly looking at my weekly visit trend, saturday comes out as the one day of the week, where the peoople checking out blogs is almost narrowed. The Saturday which used to be my favourite day of the week, as a schoool kid, now haunts me for another dip in my blog visit.

I have not been able to find a proper tool to analyze my blog stats properly, which is not good. SO i decided to make a list of STATS which i want wordpress to provide me with. Here are the top 3 things i will request wordpress to add:

a) Gerder Ratio of the people checking my blog posts.
b) Average age group of my readers.
c) No. of unique visitors.

23 thoughts on “What i want from WordPress…

  1. No, no Rishabh! There are people who don’t live live in blogosphere only on workdays but 24/7. And I belong to them. I will visit your site every time you post something, also on weekends. And by the way, not the quantity of clicks but quality readers who take time to meditate your words is what really counts. Go ahead. There are such quality readers no statistic will be able to show. I highly appreciate the words that you craft.

    • 🙂 that;s is so nice and true. Rightly said, in the end of the day i will love more the quality readers who understand what i am from my blogs.
      I try my level best to do the same and have got a small little group of fellow bloggers who interact often.
      Your words are kind and promise longer association. Thanks and i welcome you to be a part of my special group of WP Fellows…

  2. I get what you’re saying. I visit on Saturdays because I think bloggers have more time to update with more care, as opposed to hurried updates during the week 🙂
    I’m trying to ignore stats, though. This may be because my blog is more to keep track of some projects than to get a lot of readers.

    • You got a point there.. except that the problem is, i can hardly plan at to when and what i am going to write next… 🙂
      Yours is , i got the point, The Projects… ell good luck with that mate… 🙂

  3. I feel the same lull… I can’t be a slave to stats though (even though I say that I check mine everyday). I write to write. I am always shocked when I can write a blog I feel is great, and I get very little hits on it, and yet I can throw something out there I am a little iffy on and more people view it or like it. So….it is what it is, for me at least. I go back to writing….for me, and let the chips/clicks fall where they may. 🙂 enjoy your weekend!!

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