What it is that i want form life?

My head has always been wondering as to,

what it is, that keeps me rolling, that makes me get up and feel an urge to run?

What it is that i want form life?

Obvious choices are one money and immediate second is fame with a lap of only few seconds. Money is to have a life style that we always wanted, and then fame to Live, even after you are dead. On bare reading this sounds a little mean to me, but if i be honest, most human on this earth would crave for this.

Want to see, if my mindset matches yours. Please give your opinion:




14 thoughts on “What it is that i want form life?

  1. Wealth does not always bring happiness; fame can mean being hounded by those who would bask in your sunshine; better to have good health than wealth, while contentment and happiness are the greatest gifts of all.

  2. I think it’s good to ask ourselves what we want from life. It’s easy to fall in the trap of living on autopilot. Until we can pull away and spend some thinking about it, I don’t think you can live with any real sense of direction. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Health is way more important than any of the other three:

    Fame is for the weak and foolish, who gives a!
    Money only helps with security and then transiently
    God, well if there is a god that ‘god’ is intrinsic to life anyway so is academic in this discussion

  4. I think what one wants in life changes as we go on our own lives, to a person whose career is just starting it would be money and fame. To a family man/woman stability, To parents happiness of their children, and their children’s children. To others it would depend on the life they have now. Me, I just want harmony in everything. If that’s even possible that would be the best. ^___^

  5. To me, I want God. Through Him comes EVERYTHING else : ) I have tested this in my life and seen it in loved ones. When you are on your death bed, you will not care that you had money, fame or past health. You will be looking into the face of God.

  6. I just wana be myself, in that I would hope to inspire the now youth to do the same, hoping that our future may gain back some individuality and respect. SO really I wanna help the future, in the small ways I know how.

  7. This is great! It really makes me think..what are the things I want to last or be remembered of me once I’m dead and one

  8. How about living a life without setting any goals….
    Without expecting anything…. whatever comes… being blessed with it.

    I saw a show where an actor was crying because his son got a disease, he can’t walk, no cure as of now…

    But parents with normal kids do not ALWAYS HAPPY that they have normal kids πŸ˜‰

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