The Life Style You Ordered Is Out Of Stock


Doesn’t it happens so many times?

You are upset for not getting some thing you want?

or You frustrated with the way life has been treating you.

Employers are not happy with there staff’s involvement levels, Employees feel torturer with the unreal targets set by the managements. Wife are not impressed by their husbands any more and husbands look for options otherwise. Kids are not happy with the stuff they get, parents are not happy with their kids demands.

Where lay the problem. Is it that god has given a perfect life to every one but you. Or just that you want that little more out of your life, but just not able to get it. Lets see the math of it:

you were that little angel baby, which just came out of your mother’s cushion, eyes sparkling. You wanted to talk and understand what they are trying to say. Grown up a little, you see more friends, more relatives. Now the home was a small place, you needed to visit neighbors. Once you went out to a walk outside your society, with you dad, and now you want to go there more often. A by-cycle would be perfect, you told your mom. Riding your bike, you saw that pretty girl next block. “A CAR,  you said , “i can’t date on a bike”. Wish Granted, and its a car. Soon you wanted to visit places, drink more beer and win more stuff. Girlfriend’s cosmetic is really expensive. Money is a constraint, even though you have got a good job. Next day your girlfriend says, she wants to get married and get settled. You say Yes, even though you wanted some more time to think. Now you need a house to live, a car to drive and some handy cash for household chores. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Few month later, you are been told that she is expecting and you would be a dad, and you would think, wow,, i am going to be a DAD, though somewhere in the little corner you will think, “I am so dead”


We blame God, for not giving us the life we want… We blame him to be less kind or less caring.  Well… He didn’t promise us anything, when he first deport us to this earth. We created out own dreams and then our own needs.

Try to find the word repeated most number of times, in this post, and it will be your answer as to who is responsible for your mismanaged lifestyle…. 🙂


Well, the Word is “YOU”


and it is repeated…

35 times….



26 thoughts on “The Life Style You Ordered Is Out Of Stock

  1. true true true. thank you for reminder. God has been good to me; the Universe has blessed me, more than i deserve. we all have these tiny, stupid, nagging thoughts that somehow we’re short-shriffed…but we’re NOT. it’s up to us. i believe this and i know it intuitively but yes, i fight it sometimes. we think more is better; more is just more. want different? that’s ok – but ya gotta BE the difference, then different comes with ease.

    thank you also for stopping by my blog. i swear, it’s the only way i learn about new / other bloggers. and usually when i “meet” them online i’m glad i did. -m

  2. Re: Lifestyle you ordered… I don’t blame God. I didn’t order a lifestyle. I was happy with what I had, until everything came crashing down, ala man-created archetypes causing preconceived memes to infect the world.
    Sorry, I truly mean no offense. I am just a victim of archetypal transference.
    Please forgive my revealing.

  3. Hello Dear Rishabh ~ thank you for your compassionate views on this blog – sometimes I feel each human who is alive is really a hero – it takes so much courage to simply live. You bring out your deeper spirit and that is a gift.

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  5. Knowing that you are responsible for your own life, your own way, your own happiness seems to be lost in this day and time. Thanks for visiting my blog so that I could visit you.

  6. We are promised peace in the midst of the storm.

    But He doesn’t always stop the rain the first time we ask. 😉

    Thanks for sharing.

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