Be a MAN OF WORDS not man with words

MAN OF WORDS v/s man with words

The title font in itself an initial signal as to what differentiate the two. One represents quality and other transit this quality into his actions. Education is important, and what is does is to give you the math to differentiate between what is right ethically and what is wrong. Everything that profits us is not ethical and hence not suggestible. So as an educated person you can be a Good Guy with moral responsibilities or you can be the one who knows all the rules but is still irresponsible towards the society. We know the rules but here is my small effort to clarify the differences one more time:

MAN OF WORDS will transmit the values into his actions whereas the man with words will only transmit them into clothes.

People hear to what a man with words has to say, whereas the really Listen to what a MAN OF WORDS speaks.

      MAN OF WORDS is a person who speaks less, simply because his words carries more weight, whereas man with words will display their art of playing with words, dancing on the slate book.

      Man with word will talk with people, while the MAN OF WORD will walk with people in their hour of need.

      Man with word is never shy of words and MAN OF WORDS is never shy of actions.



He was a cool stud, with money and girls. Love took care of him, but his one mistake took his love away. Read this poetic version of  What happens next.

22 thoughts on “Be a MAN OF WORDS not man with words

  1. I would have to say that…

    “Man with word will talk with people, while the MAN OF WORD will walk with people in their hour of need.”

    …is my favorite!

    Thanks for posting this!

    Doug Alan

  2. Thanks for the like on my post “Noisy thoughts, Silent words…”. I like your “About” story, “mis-manag[er of] life”. 🙂

  3. Great image of “values into clothes”…I love it! Really speaks to shallow “me-worship” in place of valuing others more. Awesome post!

    Thanks for the “like” on my post also!

  4. Excellent words for thought! I needed this, though I will kindly appropriate is as a woman of words. Perhaps you just inspired me to live up to my potential today and quit finding words to distract me at work. And thank you for liking my post “Share your inspirations.” I would be delighted if you did!

  5. This remains the most enduring first principle of social justice, the most idealistic statement of how we should live our lives. It is a quintessentially civilized society conviction that honesty and dignity are priceless virtues not imparted by rank or birth or privilege but an essential, integral part of the soul.

  6. There’s plenty to think about … you write very well, and your words appeal to the heart. I also enjoyed your dialogue in poetry with a fellow blogger 🙂 Wish I had the talent to create the kind of imagery you do. Prose is so verbose when compared to succinct poetry.

  7. I am constantly trying to make my words count instead of speaking aimlessly. It’s always a somber reminder to remember that our words are the most powerful thing we have to offer.

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