Conversation with a fellow blogger…. :)

7 Responses to poets and photographers

  1. i am a poet, and i save the world every day..
    i burn till dawn and i fight with dark…
    thoughts are my bow and words are my arch

  2. Metaphors need to compare,
    whats there for illusion,
    Imagination to string,
    and one “love” to sing.
    God grace, and parents smile
    and some other worldly matters,
    a hard to reach, traveled mile,
    one heart won, one dream shattered.
    So lets just dance, without compare,
    and share your story, now and here.

    • poetjena says:

      Poets and archers alike, the love
      played out on their strings,
      pure enough to make gods
      gracious. Where bewilderment
      is great, illusion is no laughing matter,
      on hard worn paths with harder
      won battles. I’ll share you some
      arrows from my here and now.
      Let’s not forget the slings.
      Stories only. No broken dreams.

      • I have seen the arch, they miss the aim,
        Poets fall to dust, with their entire name
        Illusions, I don’t laugh about, they fade
        God is grace all around, in all its jade
        I welcome your arrows & the stories brought
        No poets will be born, if no dream were broke

23 thoughts on “Conversation with a fellow blogger…. :)

  1. Hi Rishabh…..that was a beautiful poetic dance……thanks for visiting “Unwalled” again and liking my post “Celebrating Bahamian Praise (4)”…..blessings to you!…..Kim

  2. Hi Rishabh,

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. You’re an amazing poet and writer. I can’t wait to browse more of your blog.


  3. I hope your poets heart is well nourished this week, Rishah. Mine, is looking forward to being gentled, and simplified by your tender perspective. So, I’ll have to go shopping through your whole blog to get what I want from you. I’m glad for your brand of poems!

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