I am Zaveri Bazzar.. where life goes on…

People talking on their cell pones, girls tapping the keypads,smiling at nothing.. bikers nearly running into each other.. Street hawkers fighting over a lost client,Its a perfect competition market here in Zaveri Bazar and no hawker can monopolize the trade. But nobody stops them fighting, its their land after all. “Serving you since year so and so” says many banner on different  little sheds, which are hardly visible to anyone.This rush is no different from any other place for a mumbaikar.
Roads are not as wide as shown in those Bollywood flicks, but big enough to handle about a million visitors every day. who would even believe that this muddle of narrow lanes, dotted with hundreds of jewelry shops that sell gems and jewels has an annual turnover of Rs 5 lakh crore and 65 per cent of India’s gold trading and dealing is controlled from here. And then its not only about Gold, there are five other markets — textiles, hardware, yarn, stationary products, and steel – starting from Juma Masjid (Mumbai’s biggest mosque) to the Mumbadevi temple. Most buildings here are 50-70 years old, making the close-circuit cameras look incongruous.
Yes, this is me, a overcrowded street of Zaveri Bazzar. I dont exactly remember, when i grown into a road from a mere street and then again depreciated from the burden of handling this rush.open sewages, dingy lanes and massive police security, this all may sound hard to handle, but trust me, i have learnt to go along. I am the biggest jewellary retail market of India after all. Where else would you find the extravaganza  of gems and precious stones, photo frames, clips, tea-sets, dinnerware, toys and other luxury lifestyle articles crafted out of expensive metals.
All these thing are what i am proud of. And you wanna know, what else makes me feel pride? Its the fact that i never sleep. Yeah, its true, for last many years as you can remember, i haven’t slept. Haven’t,  except for  that 1993 Bomb blast and the terrorist attack on 25th August 2003.

Last year (13th  July 2011) was the 3rd day in 4 decades that i felt lonely. I missed my usual crowd. I missed those hawkers, those retailers. I missed that typical mumbaikar, who is always in a hurry. And i know, he will be missing me too. you see, we love each other too much. and why wont we?
Who wont admire a lover, who knows the risks and still spend a substantial part of his life here with me. It is the passion that has kept me going despite all this wear and tear. And this is the spirit of a mumbaikar to keep loving me..

14 thoughts on “I am Zaveri Bazzar.. where life goes on…

  1. Greetings from NZ! This is one fantastic post … I have learned about your mighty land from some of my friends here and also by reading some contemporary Indian authors such as Sashi Tharoor and Aravind Adiga. I enjoyed sounds, fragrances, and colours you painted in this piece.

    Daniela of the Lantern Post -:)!

  2. I was in India only once, in Kndla up in the northwest near pakistan. That was in 1960, a million years ago. I have always wanted to return, and someday will. I remember the small bazaar in the walled town we traveled to, the people, the colors the crowds; like my home town The Big Apple. I loved it.

  3. American non-news watcher me, didn’t really connect to your country so much till now. Still don’t know were you are, but wherever you and your bazaar street are, you both matter to me now. Such a gift!

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