Extraordinary times (The Memories….)

I see pics from the past and get amazed,
Its the blunder of a fashion, Mis placed
Even the spots we used to visit, seem so oridinary.
Money, no notes we had, only change
Even the clothes were borrowed.
It was quite a oridinary teenage,
Nothing special that we had,
though i will give up the extraoridinary
to get this back, the ordinary time we had.

Time never comes back, it never will,
these 7 years seem like 70, and still
All grown up now, present bites.
We never used to worry,
About the next big dates of our clients.
Jobs, ya we worked even in those days,
Newspaper throwing, the part times.
The time i truly embrace as the time,
with heart, i used to rhyme.
Some of us are getting married.
Some are still after girls,
while others seem uninterested.
Grown ups, from that ordinary times,
Nothing special that we had,
though i will give up the extraordinary
to get this back, the ordinary time we had.

Following is the link in case you want to see the times i am talking about:


Colorless Rainbow

Tonight, for my moon’s pride.
Its goanna rain till dawn. Heaven sake.
And the color on my canvas. .
Some themes for pain. .
In between the cigarette inhales. .
The circled smoke . .
Causing disturbance inside, my nerves..
Is the peace outside. .
Staring the silence and gazing layers. .
I found some colors. . Some dark some fair. .
Its the dilemma of a writer. .
And some pure coincidences. .
Liking what i wrote
and hating what i thought. .
For a soul. . Its sin. .
And its goanna rain till dawn. .
Coz she cried like she mourn. .
Goanna be the longest night. .
I ever faced in my dream. .
And i am fighting the invisible. .
Stronger it seem. .
Let me be biased. .
And mould my thoughts. .
Coz i can’t lie. .
To my inner gross. .
Let me be dreaming
and woke me in middle. .
So i can’t get over. .
Ending my riddle. .
Let it rain. . Diluting my color boxes. .
For. . I don’t paint. .
With color of Satan. . Coz, i ain’t no saint. .
If the color be so dark. .
And its destined it to be. .
I better draw white. .
And let it go. .
better satiate,
in a colorless rainbow. .

Payment Gateways….

Working on an E commerce Website??

well, all the best wishes with that… If you have settled in with the basic Biz Idea, then the next thing that will struck to your mind will be, “How are you going to reach your target customers?? and how will they pay you back?? ”

First thing in this regards is to get acquaint with the basic knowledge about PAYMENT GATEWAYS…

What do you mean by Payment Gateway?

payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar. It is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in most retail outlets. Payment gateways protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant and the payment processor.

What will they get in return?

Well, the normal deal is somewhere between 3% to 4 % of your total payment, which is fair enough considering the fact that you get your money via safe hands. moreover any loss on the way will be bear by these Gateway Companies.

What Types Of Payment Gateways Are There?

 Payment gateways can be implemented through two methods. As a merchant, you can either house the gateway on your server, which requires installation of software, or you can choose to implement the payment gateway on your payment processing company’s server i.e. financial institution.

Housing the payment gateway on your site requires you to have appropriate security measures in place to encrypt and protect customer information. If you implement a payment gateway separate from the rest of your shopping cart solution, all the components will require configuration to ensure they work properly together, which can require high level technical capabilities. The advantage of housing your own gateway is that customer information can be collected in your database, enabling you to better manage your customers and site.

If a payment processing company houses your payment gateway, then customer information will not be at your easy disposal. As well, since you do not gain access to customers’ credit card information, it is more difficult to track charge backs.

However, since the gateway is out of your hands, problems that occur are the responsibility of the payment gateway provider.

Who are the main Payment Gateway providers?

PAY PAL is the one trusted world wide, but will work only if your customer base resides outside your Home Country, in our case INDIA. Other then that there are EBS , CC AVENUE and also some private banks like HDFC and ICICI who provide these services.

Top Payment Gateway Options available in India are:


  1.  ICICI Bank Payseal Payment Gateway
  2. Citibank Payment Gateway
  3. HDFC Payment Gateway
  4. AXIS (UTI Bank) Payment Gateway
  5. ABCPayments
  6. CC Avenues
  7. Paypal
  8. Transecute
  9. EBS

You have it in you…


Shobha, 17 years old girl, busy with the house hold works in a hurry to wind up, before her house mistress arrives from market and scold her for not finishing up with the dish wash and other homely chores. This is how i knew her, when i saw her 3 years back in a village in Orissa. Life was tough on her, and for her age it was even tougher where the kin of your age are moving colleges, learning new things and enjoying life. But there was something about her which always fascinated me. She was not down for whatever happened in her life, she had that fighting spirit.

I met her yesterday. How? well i had to interview a young and energetic female, who was turning the fates of young poor kids, without a family, ensuring there education and a satiating meal for three times a day.

“How you managed to do that?” ,i asked.

“Well, for years we were working for others, day and night, and we were sure of, that we are not been paid in full. So what we changes was, instead of working for them, we gathered and started working for ourselves.”

That would not have been easy, is it?

“Definitely not. The biggest road block were we ourselves. Being poor takes away one thing from you, and that is your confidence. Kin won’t trust your idea. Reason is that they have accepted the life they are living in. To take a bold step in not in their blood any more. you have to convince them again and again, that this will work. It is everything but easy.”

Imagea ,

You yourself have been through all that. What was your turning point?

“There can not be one point which turned it around. Sometimes you just have it in you, the feel that you are here for a cause. I feel bad when i see people mis-treating small kids working in there homes, scolding them for mistakes they are not responsible for. We talked at night, about how wrong our masters/mistress were and how is it that we can come out of it. Thus it was a chain process which worked up after years of sharing pain, and thus this happen.”

So how is it that you guys work, and do you have fun in it?

” Fun, yeah, a lot more than what we used to have in our past lives. Well, we are touching a hundred now. Village people have been kind enough to offer us space to live and study. We work in shifts and study at other times. Thinking is up for a shift. Our old mistress use to visit us and feel very happy for what we have achieved. They often feel sorry for mis-treating kids earlier. Life is much better now.”


Hmm, Shobha has managed to do what many of us could not have been able to do, despite the knowledge and resources that we have. Right said, miracles occur out of adversity. And to do thing like she did, one thing is required, You must have the trust, that YOU HAVE IT IN YOU……

To Write or Not To Write….

After 10000 hits, 1350 likes and 600+ comments, the big question which haunts me is

Am I ready to write a book?

Will the people read my book, with as much love, as they do with my blog?

What will be the topic, I should choose to write?

Will my book actually sell?

How do we get it published?

Is my writing, worthy of being priced?

All these questions pull me back and push me ahead and the fight goes on in my mind.

When I Re Read these question, I notice that first three questions are from the heart of a writer, who want nothing else but to write.

Next three questions are more of a worldly issue, the sale/money factor.

As for my ratings, my answers though biased, will be as follows:

Book Ready: May Be

Affectionate writing: May Be

Subject: Not Sure

Zonal: Not Sure

Salable: Not Sure

Publisher: Not Certain

Price Worthy: Not Sure

So pals, since you know all my queries now and also my certain answers tot eh same, I would request you to provide your feedback. Please don’t take it lightly as this is going to be a decider question to my life. Very comment will be appreciated and discussed upon. So don’t hesitate to criticize and give your inputs.

Thank You for your valuable feedback…


Blogging to Writing….

Blogging is a Journey, a transformation fro being an immature tinker to a professional writer.

While reading other blogs, i find it most comman, that the writer at the blog is either a professional writer, or is aspiring to be one. Writing is an addiction, which though takes so much of time to infect, but once infused, the person will keep on craving to create something, provide something to the society, which satiates his personal goals. While is it obvious that the seed to develop a writer is already infused in the person, i believe that wordpress hepls us too, to develop the need to write. I love the onelines which comes, when we publish our post and this yummy “Your next Target is” Screen occurs.

I have developed a habit to copy these one liners and post them into my twitter account, so that i can read them later and feel motivated to write. I would like my fellow blogger also to get benefit out of these one liners, so here is a list of Word Press’s One Liner peice of motivation:

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.
Steven Wright

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.
Blaise Pascal

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.
Jeff Jarvis

The desire to write grows with writing.-
Desiderius Erasmus

Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe.- –
Truman Capote

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.-
Phyllis Theroux

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. –
W. Somerset Maugham

Writing is a struggle against silence.

Carlos Fuentes
Hope you liked my collection. Stay Blessed.

What i want from WordPress…

Weekend is here, for the friends to plan, For the boyfriends and girlfriends to date, For married, to shop and for oldies, to walk. All seem so busy then one pesron, In isolation, “I” The Blogger. Seriouly looking at my weekly visit trend, saturday comes out as the one day of the week, where the peoople checking out blogs is almost narrowed. The Saturday which used to be my favourite day of the week, as a schoool kid, now haunts me for another dip in my blog visit.

I have not been able to find a proper tool to analyze my blog stats properly, which is not good. SO i decided to make a list of STATS which i want wordpress to provide me with. Here are the top 3 things i will request wordpress to add:

a) Gerder Ratio of the people checking my blog posts.
b) Average age group of my readers.
c) No. of unique visitors.

What it is that i want form life?

My head has always been wondering as to,

what it is, that keeps me rolling, that makes me get up and feel an urge to run?

What it is that i want form life?

Obvious choices are one money and immediate second is fame with a lap of only few seconds. Money is to have a life style that we always wanted, and then fame to Live, even after you are dead. On bare reading this sounds a little mean to me, but if i be honest, most human on this earth would crave for this.

Want to see, if my mindset matches yours. Please give your opinion: