i saw some ppl dying!!!

There was a earth quake in indonesia last night. . And poem is from
the point of view of a boy who bear it all. .

Last night i saw some people dying,
bodies lying and childrens crying.
It was a quake, and earth just shook,
7.2 on the scale,a few moments it took…
And then, I saw that building falling,
And then i ran harder n harder, Trying. . .
Last night i saw some people dying. . .

this morning when i woke,
Heard the news with a shock,
People on tv saying. .
,” a small mishap . With 45 dying. . .
And sara meets P.M and new jets flying”
thats all they said. With some other head lines. .
Last night. I saw some people dying. .

Didn’t they see. . My mother sobbing . .
Didn’t they see. . My mother crying. . .
There was blood. . And so much flesh. .
A wall then hit me. . When i was trying. .
I fail, i fall. .and it broke my spine. .
Then i saw. . Its my body lying. .
And it was me. . Who was dying. .

Now i go to god. . Over the silver line. .
A white light. Squeezing me. . And i was flying. .
Leaving my people. . Leaving them crying. .
Last night. . I saw. . Some people dying. .


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45 thoughts on “i saw some ppl dying!!!

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  2. This poem needed to be said. We allow chameleon broadcasters to mould our emotion and response. They stopped caring years ago. Where on that line of insensitivity are we? But God may still twist us by the neck and restore some humanity.

  3. Wow, Rishabh…this is a very moving poem. It speaks the truth about tragedy in the news — 30 seconds and then on to the next story. Your poems gives a very real and human point of view to a tragic event.

  4. I am not at all sure it’s appropriate to ‘like’ this poem ~ however, like it I do, for its structure, rhythm and tone, so effectively conveying the terrible suffering and highlighting the horror of the earthquake and the family’s plight.

  5. This one nearly got me crying. I remember my iwn country, what it felt like, what i saw, the nightmares, the memories… Thanks for visiting my blog thus giving me a chance to discover yours.

  6. Very nicely written – thanks for sharing that story, those emotions – and thanks for visiting my blog so I could discover yours. (Looks like someone else feels the same way a couple of comments above) Take care…

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