Downgrading Brands- Force them to serve and they will show you the shit hole…

Consumer priority might be the basic success mantra in  the marketing encyclopedia, but the situation is still far from the theoretical concepts. Profit earning still counts high, even at the cost of mis-selling and  bad services. While Insurance Industry and Banking is mostly known for mis selling its products, these exists a large percentage of small scale organisations, which works on the labor hired from closest locality, surely un educated and hardly trained.

Brands from International market enters the domestic territories, with an aim to provide equal service quality which they promise to serve to every one. worst is the case, for companies working franchisee model. Preliminary checks and surprise audits are one part, but does they hardly give an eye to complaint/ suggestion box, which is one correct picture about the service quality of persons managing there brand image and good will.

Following are the some of the issues which adversely affect the brand value developed by the companies over a long period of time:

1)  Un Educated Work staff: Workers are hardly educated, and franchisee are unwilling to spend on training cost. Lack of education is not their fault, but the problem is what comes with absence of the ethics that customer is the king. They will work for you, day and night, and in return they get paid for. Customer pays to the boss, so they are not concerned about them

2) No Surprise Checks:  Brands require regular check on surprise basis to ensure continuous service with equal dedication and care for the brand value. Surprise audits are one way. Placing a fake customer will do equally well.

3) complaint/suggestion box: Not sure how effectively this tool is been used, because it in itself is a pretty good way to rate the customer satisfaction. Some brands do that by requesting the customers at the exit point to rate the service quality. However others just place the complaint box, out of the sight of customer.

4) Mis selling: Business men are there to earn, and this is what they do. But mis selling is an crime on the trust of customer, that they put on you, the moment they enter in your premises. Unethical ways may earn you short term gains, but in longer term , the customer is not going to come back, cause of long term disasters.

5) Case Study: This happened to one of my colleague last week, when on the the Japan’s prized brand SUZUKI was ashamed of (Mis) Serving him to new lower standards. a Bad day, turned worse, when his bike unable to start, was towed to the service center only to tell that no warranty can be provided as he has missed last fer services. Irrespective of the fact that bike was only 7-8 months old, a estimate bill was give for Rs 8000 (1/5th of original buy price). By this speed, his bike would be depreciated with in two years. After arguing a lot, the deal was settled in 1/4th of original estimate. Complaint file was not made available even after asking many times. and keys were missing, till they were found in the toilet pot in the service center.

Surely not something SUZUKI wants its brand to represent……

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