Where the Cricketers are….

Cricket is on the ground, and then its inside your TV Sets. The aura of cricket is bound to hit you some way or the other, where you fall in love with the game, “On the Field” or “Off the Field”.

Cricket is in veins and then its in your resumes. Job Hunter sites like monster.com and naukri.com firmly affirms that most common hobby other than Music is, Cricket. So even if you are not playing the game, you are more than certain to be following it over the net or live feeds. With Cricket season starting up, and Team India’s Tour to Srilanka, the passion is certainly up and so is the TRP for the game.

Meanwhile, we worked upon to find out, apart from the statistical collector fans, where is it that our true cricketer exists. Came in handy the E-Age providers of Cricket equipment cricketershop.com . After being ensured and convinced about maintaining the secrecy of their sales, they agreed to share the some information.

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