If ever we meet in skies, will you let me hold you hand and sing a lullaby.

This is night

And still no signs of sleep.

Peace of mind is a bliss

And tonight

I am probably devoid.

The ghosts of past

Thoughts (which never last)

People who touched my life

People i loved, People i fight

This was never what i wanted

If i hurt you ever

Probably it was written that way

I just played my part.

This i unconditional

And this is from heart

Somethings are just NOT meant to happen and you were probably one of those.

Why should i quit my job , and go for my start up…

Its my Life

Its my Life , my boss don’t rule it.


Of being in a corporate world.

As everything corporate has given us is

” To worry the unexpected “

and ‘Doubt the most trusted”.

Quantify the losses,

and praise the bosses.

Silly sectary, strike in factory

Chase in rage, and roar in cage.

Is this why they left the job,

Chase the dreams, against the mob.

Most start ups, don’t make money,

Monetarily, they fail.

Success wasn’t  the only thing,

But parole out of jail.

Yes, i can feel , more of  me,

Happy, rhyming under the tree,

There is one life for all,

and no boss can decide.

Its purely YOUR CALL…

Deciding My Own Fate

Drawing of Life

               Drawing of Life

When i was just a kid
I started drawing images
Of what i aspire to be.

To be certain of what i am destined
And not juggling options,
Playing poker,
coz i thought it would be cool
to decide well in advance,
My own future.

I thought i would be a soldier
so i draw on paper, The Warfare
Then i wanted to be doctor,
To heal the wounds of war
Once i draw a judge,
To give justice to the right
And one day i thought
I could be butcher.

Sometimes i draw myself as a richer
driving long cars, visiting daily bars.
Sometimes i toss, to decide what i want
Sometimes in draw a farmer
Nurturing trees, feeding plants

Now i am old,
Still drawing.
Of what i want to be.

“Wish i would have realised,
i was destined to be a painter.”

I miss myself so much

A sleepless night punkromance
Sometimes i wake up at night
And look at myself
In the mirror
The dark eyes vouches
For my sleepless ness
And then i shake myself,
Give a hard stir
Its when the tears roll,
Numbness in every breath,
Dead touch
thats the time,
I miss myself,
I miss myself so much.

Because that when i realize,
I am not looking “AT” myself,
Its “ME” thats what i am looking for
In the mirror.

Can my path become my destination!!

Body feed so many lice, eating into the meat, sucking blood. I know they are hurting me, but i just don’t feel it. Its the thoughts which are running into my mind. yes i feel them, but what can i do, for i have no control over them.The dilemma of what happened and what would happen, was it wrong and would it be wrong again. Life pass by, wandering around this and wondering the cause of our being. I have changed the pathways, but the destination is still an illusion. No one can accompany you, it is your journey. It is a fact we all accept, but this heart, yet again , it looks out for that someone, who could come and the journey becomes the destination, all over again.

Pakistaan refugee, polio eradication and a farmaan by Taliban.

You have a medical condition and you have a doctor by your neighborhood. But still took can not go and get yourself treated. Because it’s simply not allowed. Situation becomes more painful when the sufferer it’s your child and the medical condition coups impair a lifelong disability.
This is the pain the refugee in Pakistan are going through these days. Leaving under miserably per conditions in government refugee camps or their own tent out places, Pakistan at this moment it’s at highest danger zone for polio virus to creep up. Already at number one spot for total number of polio cases, the situation is further aggrieved by taliban`s orders against polio vaccination as a protest against usa drone attacks.
What ever their cause of fight is, no one gives them a right to put lives of small kids at risk of a disease as bad as polio. Pakistan is one of the three countries, sheets.polio eradication has not been successful so even till date. I pray for the small kids and their families, who done how managing the polio vaccination from WHO support but do not want any mark on finger, usually a symbol of successful vaccination, do that takiban people don’t hurt them back at homes.

Dancing Thoughts

Night is the new day,

when the thoughts dances

like the bamboo dancers

all night long,

moving in circles,

around the fire,

and beating sticks

to the grounds

singing the songs

of life and tales

here i am

and my mind,

lying in bed

and dancing all night.

Diary of a Murderer

A strong sense of anger overtook my personality six months back, when i be a participant in the road rage accident. It was not my fault completely, but i could have avoided that. Force from the back was so strong that my car rammed into the footpath crushing a life.

Accident it was, and was recorded so in the police files. I was allowed to go home after a few introspecting questions. “Clean” the order said. But clean, i was not. My soul had a dent. Screams of dying and blood throwing bruises left a major injury to my psychological self.

Depression Victim , Depression , Negative Thoughts

I felt like dying. started to hate my self. For a moment my body was numb, not able to recollect where i am. Tears rolled out of my eyes at regular intervals and mom was constantly consoling me that it was not my fault.

How the hunger goes away. How can one live without water. Well, i realised all that in that one month.Once i was on the rooftop, but the senses were missing. “It will only be a injury with fracture if i fall from the 4th floor of the building that i was living at” I said t myself..

Mobile was switched off most of the time. Lying on my bed i stare at nothingness. Fan in its full speed forms a beautiful design, with a translucent circular motions. Its working, the fan that is, but no console. I wouldn’t have mind had i been laid on hot sand as it stopped creating any feeling in me.

I had broken a egg from the nest. I felt like a murderer. I was responsible for everything that was happening. Emptiness had overtaken the senses. Constantly looking upwards in one direction as if waiting for some one to come and tell me, that i was not the one responsible. It was all about fate, and i was just a victim of circumstances.

No body came to console. I slept at what time in night, no body knows. But the red eyes were witness enough to vouch that it was a sleepless night.

Note: Accidents are not always at somebody’s fault. That why they are called accidents and not murder. I was victimized by acute depression after that incidence, and thankfully my parents took me to psychiatrist at the right time. 3 months i had to spend in the Depression Treatment Centre. I am still on medicines, but far more relaxed. Thoughts of suicide did come to my mind, i can not deny that. But support from family and friends helps. We need to identify symptoms of depression and then look at it as any other normal illness. So that it could be treated in time and patient could be relieved of the mental trauma and pain.